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Thread: Royal Navy Type 45 Daring Class Destroyer

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    Royal Navy Royal Navy Type 45 Daring Class Destroyer

    I've been working on this mesh in the Drydock area and wanted to make it a public release. It is a fairly low poly model so the details have been kept to a minimum.

    The RAR file contains the .max file, a .3ds file, a .obj file, as well as the various textures.

    Hopefully the file paths work for the textures, if not, they are quite easy to fix! :-)

    Images of the mesh can be seen below.

    Feel free to use the mesh as is, however, it would be appriciated if credit is given for the mesh when used on images.

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    Thanks very much mate, nice model, does she only have 3 blades on each propellor, did not know that

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    I think she has 5 blades, but I used 3 to keep the poly count down. Infact from what I remember from the TV documentry of her construction, she has very similar propellers/skews as the Type 23's.

    Whats scary about making this model is seeing how many shortcuts have been taken with the Type 45. From what I can see, they have yet to test fire the Sea Viper missile system from the ship (which is damn scary), there has also been no money put aside for actually fitting the Phalanx system, Harpoon or Tomahawk modifications. So right now, the only weapons systems working on the Type 45 is the 4.5" gun and the 30mm! Another scary thing I read was that the awesome combat command system that has been advertised would make the ship a huge asset in fleets as of last year hadn't even been ordered, hopefully that has been rectified now!

    I've also not been able to see any decoy launchers on the ship either, which strikes me as odd, I can only assume it is hidden somewhere (I hope). I'm wondering if the Royal Navy should focus more on smaller corvettes instead.

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    nice one....looks it possible to convert this to Blender format?

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    Superb !
    well done Suricata

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    Where can I find the download link?

    Many thanks.


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