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Thread: F2H-2 Banshee

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    Thanks Skyraider

    I've used blender's paint tools to trace my panel lines onto the model. I used the line and curve options of the brushes. I created my own alpha textures to paint circles. Using blenders paint symmetry option reduced the amount of work and ensured accuracy of panel lines between each side of the aircraft.

    These somewhat thick and messy panel details will be traced next in Affinity Designer to create the 16bit grayscale bump map.

    F2H-2 Paint.jpg

    Unfortunately I don't have any plans that show rivet information so my Banshee will have to remain rivetless which is probably a good thing anyway as they are pretty hard to see in most photos of aircraft at normal viewing distances.
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    Looks good. I'd assume you have a station diagram? That's basically where the rivets are
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    Solid UV's indeed!

    Started working with Cinema4D at work and I can tell you that now I really do appreciate the UV tools that both Max and Maya have, Cinema4D is missing even the most basic stuff =/

    Good to see Blender doing a better job.

    Cobra 6

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