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Thread: Getting started modelling.

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    Getting started modelling.

    Hey guys, long time lurker here. Ive been playing round with aviation 3d work for a few years now, but only ever re-texturing and rendering, never modelling. Its not really very satisfying any more, and I often find that really nice models that produce great results are out of my price range. I brought Aviakinetic's Mig 29 last year and love the detail both model wise, the fact the main UV map is one sheet etc. I finally feel like I have reached a peak point with the skills I have (My last 2 peices,, and am keen to start modelling. I currently work in c4d, and I have a decent understanding of how both polygonal and boolean modelling works, but need a lot of practice to translate this into a competent skillset. My question to you chaps is, which tool do you find works best for you, and how did you go about learning it?

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    I use Blender - free open source program, but very powerful. For learning, there are a ton of free tutorials and web sites online and many user forums. Also, specific to modeling aircraft, I highly recommend Witold's ebook on aircraft modeling and also his blog. Btw, nice work on the MiG.
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    Thank you very much

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    I found Weeliano's tutorials in the Tutorials section above a very good starting point . Takes you through the very basics of 3D aero modelling up to texturing .
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