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Thread: Panzer III

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    3DS MAX Panzer III

    After a long time, I'm back
    I made this model with the course Digital Tutors.
    I wonder what should be my next step?
    continue modeling tanks? cars? organic?I am beginner.
    I feel lost with so much content on the Internet.
    I focus only on model, then go to study as textures?
    It took five days to model is tank 8 -10 hours per day.
    Sorry for bad English. thank you guys!

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    I think the next logical step for this tank is texturing. Good texturing can really bring a model to life. What software are you using?

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    Thanks for your comment Mark06GT
    I am learning 3Ds Max

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    I would also start UV'ing and texturing, that is a really nice model I must say, well done!

    Cobra 6

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    ok, thanks for your comment Cobra 6
    Next step texture adventure

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    A question about low poly models:
    Today the market for gaming models, the number of polygons is around?
    10K - 50K?
    war thunder 50K - 100K + - ???

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