Hi guys,

On this board we have currently got a manual approval system for new users before they become actual members due to the big influx of spammers.
This means that I approve or deny every single registration on this forum.


Therefore an important thing to keep in mind if you want to register is: If your profile looks like spam, it will be denied!

By this I mean that if your username in combination with your email address does not make sense to a human I will go into your profile and see what you filled in.
If the contents of your profile do not make sense to a human or are empty, you will be declined, simple as that.

The easiest way for you to make sure you get approved is to use your profile information to give me some sign that you are human, fill in interests, maybe your job, anything that will let me know that I'm dealing with a human being and not a spammer.
It also helps to use an email address that makes sense in combination with your username, we get tons of registrations and I do a rough filter by those criteria alone.


If you find yourself in the moderation queue for long or if you feel you have been undeservedly denied, send me a pm on the forums and I will look into it.

Cobra 6