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Thread: First Raid on Berlin

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    First Raid on Berlin

    6 March 1944 marks the the first raid on Berlin of the Eight Air Force and has been descibed as the real turning point in the Defence of the Reich. Never again were so many B-17s shot down in a single mission. The bombers battled their way to the target and on their way back against I. and II./JG1 and I. and III./JG11, with the first furious engagement just 20 miles inside German air space. The 100th BG had the lions share of the days losses. In the initial 25 minutes of combat the Americans lost 20 bombers and well over half of this number belonging to the 'Bloody Hundreth'.
    The scene depicts an attack of Fw. Heinz Kahl of 4. Staffel, II./JG 1. On this day he shot down two B-17s (both around 14:50 at Raalte). Kahl was shot down and KIA on 12 May 1944 after 9 confirmed kills.

    Models by Gareth Hector, textures by me.

    Hope you like it!
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    Great image Guddi, I really like it !
    Lots of action.

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    Thanks Kevin!


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    Beautiful it.
    Jeff (Dayton, Ohio)
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    did I just completely miss this piece for 17 days? :| I really like it actually, only detail I'm missing is maybe some smoke from the gun ports under the wing but that is it

    Cobra 6

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    Thanks, Joep. Thats actually a good point!

    Yeah... this forum became a bit quiet unfortunately

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