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Thread: "Deceptive Website" Warning and what to do

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    Hi guys,

    As some of you might have noticed, a bunch of the spammers that register have gotten worked up enough by being denied all the time and they've reported Military-Meshes as a "Deceptive Website" to our big buddy Google.

    This means we all get this lovely red warning screen if we try to visit this website and you'll have to just ignore that for now. *However* there is something important you can do to try and get this warning removed:

    When you ignore this warning it gives you the option to send a report saying this website is not deceptive, it depends on your browser how/when you get it it seems.
    Please make sure you do send that report so we can get Military Meshes off this damn list!

    Edit: As Emil pointed out here, it might also have to do with the lack of SSL/HTTPS on this website. I've asked Aceman if there is any way we can enable that here on MM.


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    Cobra, honestly, I really do not think it has anything to do with Spammers reporting the forum to Google. As I said I had exactly the same problem and buying an SSL certificate allowing the forum to be accessed over the encrypted "HTTPS" solved the problem completely. It's is 100% Googles' way of forcing all websites to comply with this safer connection type. It costs around the 40 mark (a year), but my server added it for free... So see if it can be arranged through MilMeshes host...

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