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Thread: Buchon 1/32 conversion kit design

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    Armada Espaņola Buchon 1/32 conversion kit design

    As a teenager I was a fanatic scale modeller, but when I bought my first PC in the mid-'90s my scale modelling was pushed to the background as I focused more on my illustrator ambitions. I always intended to return to scale modelling and last year I made some initial steps by illustrating a couple of box tops for Tan Model (1/48 RF-84F re-release and 1/72 T-33A Limited Edition kits). Currently I'm taking it one step further as I'm in the process of designing an actual scale model conversion kit. It's a commission by Spitfire display pilot Espen Tjetland from Norway, who is a great fan of the Buchons in the "Battle of Britain" movie.

    This kit will allow conversion of a 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109 G kit into an accurate Buchon. Both "Battle of Britain" movie star and Spanish Air Force variants are planned, as well as other models and other scales in the long run. 3D photo scanning, measurements of actual aircraft and Me 109 engineering plans are used to ensure absolute accuracy and to capture the Buchon's iconic grin (love it or hate it!).

    Work-in-progress on the 3D design:

    Pre-prototype 3D prints of the first major parts for test-fitting against the donor kit. The final printing quality will be of higher quality. Prints and photos by SBS Model from Hungary.

    More to come!



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    Looking interesting Ronnie. I saw this on FB too.

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    very very cool project. it must be nice to go from the computer screen to something you can actually hold in your hands. good luck.

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    Wow, cool project Ronnie.

    So did you have the model kit and use vernier calipers to take measurements from it, so it fits perfectly ?

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    That is an interesting project you have there, will be cool to see this one develop.

    By the way, I hate these cowlings

    Cobra 6

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