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Thread: U-Boat

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    I should give Skin Wrap (I think you mean?) a try. I'm doing something similar to achieve such results. I have a subdivided hull (read: fuselage) and subdivided hole geometry, which I conform to the hull. Then I use the TurboReverse plugin to return the result to a low-poly shape and then work this into my low-poly hull.
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    I think he is using the technique shown in this blender tutorial.

    Basically you create your simple low poly mesh (eg boat hull) and then add 4 levels of sub'd on it via a modifier. This then becomes your guide mesh. Chris Plush goes into much more detail in his Jeep Wrangler tutorial.

    Then create a copy of that mesh and lower the sub'd level to 2 and add a shrinkwrap modifier. As you manipulate your copied mesh and start cutting small holes it sticks like glue to the original guide mesh so you end up with flawless finish. Its a brilliant technique if you want to keep everything sub'd and still add small details. I'm finding it invaluable for just about all modelling tasks involving compound curved shapes.

    I'm sure max would have similar functionality.

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    Very nice!
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    Interesting stuff.

    Generally I progressively add edges and stuff to my models where I need them in Max. In Maya however you have a nice tool to have new edges interpolate the curve they are on so they fit in nicely with the existing (albeit) lowpoly curve.

    At work I'm using Cinema4D now which is a lot more threadbare in useful modelling tools it seems but it has a ton of other nice features.

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