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Thread: Strafing Ace

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    Strafing Ace

    An Artwork I did two months ago :-)

    Ordered ‚down to earth‘ ground strafing became the most dangerous business at the end of air operations in Europe. More leading aces were lost to flak whilst ground strafing than to German fighters. Indeed, ground kills were given the same accreditation as air kills.

    Cpt. Birthciel of the 55th FG became a ground strafing ace with 5 strafing kills on a mission on 9 April 1945 at the Munich Brunnthal landing ground. There he destroyed two He-111, two Ju-88 and one Bf109 and damaged another Ju-88. He finished his combat tour in April 1945 with one shared victory of a Me 262 and damage of another one, 5x strafing kills and 1x damaged on the ground.

    P-51D model and textures by Gareth Hector. Hope you like it!
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    Terrific work Guddi,

    I've read much over the years on Airfield strafing and how dangerous it was for fighter pilots. Your image conveys what I've read really well.

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    Great job!
    I like the rain. Perfect.

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    I really like it. Lots of great details and atmosphere.

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    I like it a lot! The only thing that doesn't sit quite well for me is the explosion in the background.

    Lovely weather as well

    Cobra 6

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    Thanks guys:-) much appreciated

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    Nice work Guddi! Excellent.
    Jeff (Dayton, Ohio)
    My Works - The Aerodrome -

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    Nice work!

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