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Thread: Super SLUF!

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    Super SLUF!

    What might have been! F-32 'Super SLUFs' of VA-143 play for the camera. What might have been had Boeing won the JSF competition. Maybe we'd be within budget and on schedule! Hahaha, no, probably not!

    I admit I've always loved the X-32 'Monica' and her not so subtle front end. This was a relatively quick model, aided by filching bits and bobs from an existing F-35 model.

    I'm also a sucker for fighter jets hung from head to toe with armament!

    The fat girl almost looks good from some angles! Almost!

    Please forgive the banding and other issues, these were more or less quick sketches.
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    Pretty good renders for a quickie.

    My friends in the aerospace industry say we're probably looking at the last generation of manned fighters. Unmanned drones will be able to significantly out perform manned aircraft.

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    Looks great Klavs', some really nice renders of a concept aircraft I haven't seen before. The lens flare glinting sun image is quite nice.

    The open mouth of the jet reminds me of the F86 Sabre, it gives a marine creature look like a stingray or fish.

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    Sexy plane and good renders!

    Cobra 6

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    Great artworks and I love what-ifs!
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    Thanks guys! Sorry for the belated reply! Appreciate the feedback!

    She's available for purchase on CG trader here, though I'm willing to share her with any of the regulars here if you're interested in playing with her, just PM me or email me using the contact info at

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