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Thread: M1 Abrams Mk.II

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    US Navy M1 Abrams Mk.II

    So after finishing my Sopwith Camel, I started playing around with some ideas of what a redesigned Abrams might look like (especially after playing it in WARTHUNDER, and getting killed by some rather interesting shot placements)...

    In and of itself, this isn't going to be a super-serious project, like my aircraft generally turn into... it's more a fun project to see what I can come up with as a believable near-future design of current hardware, so feel free throw design ideas at me, as I go along...

    Current design changes, made/to be made:
    - Change to drivers compartment
    - Change to engine deck... can now achieve 2 deg depression over rear end. NO MORE BEING SHOT IN THE BACK AND NOT BEING ABLE TO SHOOT BACK
    - Minimized turret shot-trap (HE/CHEMICAL rounds) by raising the hull-top to be as close to flush with turret bottom, as possible.
    - Redesign Engine bay to take Turbine or Diesel power-packs
    - Partial redesign of turret to minimize potential weak spots (especially against kinetic rounds)
    - Shell pallets (slightly reduced shell count, but reduced restock time, and improve blow-out panel assembly)
    - Eliminate blocky optics and other objects which are prime targets for HE rounds, so as to minimize threat to top of vehicle.
    - Integration of some TUSK package features

    After about 7 days, this is where I am at:

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    Nice progress for 7 days for sure!

    Cobra 6

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    Glad you like it... More work done.

    - Rebuilt bustle, to clean up topology

    - Added optics (including a extendable periscope for elevated viewpoint).
    The idea behind this is to use a series of high-performance, low profile cameras to provide seamless 360 deg coverage, and to provide native color/IR(Green or B&W), allowing the driver and commander to have unlimited range of view, without having to expose themselves. The periscope will allow the commander or gunner to acquire targets, even if the target is over a ridge or behind an obstacle. Also by using low profile systems, it will minimize the chance of HE/HESH/HEAT/HEATFS rounds being able to be used against the top of turret/hull.

    - Low profile cupolas will minimize the chance of chemical round strikes.

    - Turret Deflector across the upper front of the turret minimizes the chance of chemical round successfully hitting cupolas and optics.

    - Chemical round strike plates, add additional protection against both kinetic and chemical rounds. Consist of thin outer shell of plate armor (steel), with alternating layers of glass and rubber.
    > Kinetic protection is equal to thickness of actual plates.
    > Chemical protection is equal to 3-4x thickness of actual plates.

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    - Redid the add-on armor, on the front of the turret. (Design based on a combo of the LEO2A5 / Challengar / Merkava)
    > While the add-on armor does add a new "shot-trap" to the turret, the underside of the add-on, is essentially soda-can thick
    aluminum, which in the event of HE/HEAT round detonating against it, most of the force will direct up into the pocket within
    the add-on, rather then being forced down into the hull. Additionally the add-on will help to destabilize kinetic rounds, minimizing
    penetration of the actual turret face, as the spaced plating within, is tilted upward and outward, which will redirect round/energy
    up and out from the turret face. (A possible applique pack might be designed for the front of the hull as well...)
    > Removed the turret bustle (will be redesigning/streamlining to fit better with new addon armor design)

    - Started work on the engine bay / deck
    > Plan is to have this be a dual engine design. Primary will be the an upgraded AGT 1500 turbine, with the secondary being some form of diesel.

    - Minor detail tweaks across entire model
    - Finished the M2 .50 cals

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    - Reworked turret bustle and baskets
    - Reworked applique armor on side skirts
    - Added applique armor to front of hull
    - Added anti-HEAT/RPG screen to rear of hull
    - Basic turbine model created
    - Standardized shells created
    - Detailing across entire model

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    Quick and dirty render of the CROWS I am working on... would do larger, but my laptop might blow up...

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