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Thread: Hughes H1 Racer

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    Hughes H1 Racer

    I had started this quite a while back and decided to revisit it. Everything is completely new. Still a lot of work to do. One good thing, it used a P&W R1535 engine which is what was in the Vought Vindicator so I'll have two aircraft to use the R1535. Btw, this is the long wing version.

    I haven't abandoned the Ventura, just life is such that I'm not able to get several hours at one shot to work on the details, like the engine. I find it easier to just make alterations to some part of an airframe for now, although this one is getting to the detail stage and I may not have time to work on it for the next several months too. I will be retiring in 3 months and 3 days (who's counting ) and then we're moving. So there's all sorts of things to do after living in the same house for 30+ years.


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    Indeed a lot of work still to do but it would seem you are well underway

    Cobra 6

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    One of the coolest racing birds ever made! Great start Dave!
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    It looks good Dave, nice going. I don't know much about this aircraft so look forward to seeing what you do with it.

    The research required to detail things like engines, cockpits and landing gear takes way more time than creating the basic airframe shape so can understand you putting that part on hold for the Ventura until you have the time.

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