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Thread: Spitfire Mk.V

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    Spitfire Mk.V

    Sky, clouds, earth. Modo and Substance Painter


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    What's the significance of the white striping around the nose? That's a new one on me . . .

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    Nice work!

    Pharl, the stripes are part of the special markings for Operation Jubilee, better known as the Dieppe Raid (23 August 1942).
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    Correct! Unsuccessful Dieppe Raid.

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    I like it, good job!

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    Looking good, like the composition and lighting.

    Cobra 6

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    Just comp and lighting lovely work. Awesome texturing work also!

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    Great image SC the spit looks really good up there where it belongs. My only comment would the pilot looks a tad small.

    You did a great job with the background, it looks very much like a photo. I need to learn to create these types of environments, it opens up so many more possibilities with 3d artwork.

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    Thanks for all, guys.
    kevjon: About background. I bought the package of aerial photos on The source of light is Modo sun-light. It gives very natural colors and reflections.

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